Thursday, October 1, 2015

Review: Sins of Her Father by Kathleen Mix

Someone had to make him pay...

Faith Rochambeau is horrified to learn she was conceived during a rape. She's determined to make her biological father, Victor Telemann, pay for his crimes. Using her computer skills to dig into his life, she searches for the powerful man's Achilles Heel and a way to extract retribution. She'll do whatever it takes to get a conviction, even it if means infiltrating his Fortune 500 company.

She fails to plan on falling in love with her father's smooth-talking stepson, Kent Telemann, who suspects she is a corporate spy. Faith is drawn to Kent, even though she's not sure she can trust him. If her heart is wrong, he can put her life in danger.

Meanwhile, her father is playing a lethal game he's determined to win.

Kathleen Mix has written eight books and this is the first I've gotten the opportunity to read. You know, I'm pretty surprised by that. I mean, there are thousands of authors out there and I, by no means, know each and every one of them but Mix is a good one and I'm just surprised that I've not heard of her before. The genre of romantic suspense has become my favorite these past few months and I'm excited to have found another author that I can add to my "must read" author list. 

When I started Sins of her Father, I found myself totally entranced by Faith. I thought that her character was interesting and gritty and I quickly realized that she is one of the best written female leads that I've ever read about. I wasn't left with any questions as to her motivations or character ... I felt like I knew her and that made losing myself in the plot that much easier. I loved her throughout the entire book. And Kent. Oooh, dear, sweet Kent. Kent was a total jackass at the beginning of the book and I had prepared myself to not like him in the least. I was happy to find out that he totally grew on me and I was excited to get to know him more as the book progressed. By the end of the book, I wanted Kent for me but that pesky Faith already had her hooks in him.

The book had a nice flow to it, I didn't find any spots lacking or slow or bogged down or even unnecessary. Everything stated in the book is something important and it made the book chug right along and keep my interest the entire time. Until. Yep ... you knew there was going to be an until. Here it is ... until the ending. I thought the ending was a bit cheesy. The first 95% of the book was interesting and not cliche but then you get to the end and damn. It was just ... tired. Now the part I'm talking about doesn't have anything to do with the suspense part of the book ... it was the romance part of the book ... maybe five pages, if that. I guess I just wanted this explosive romantic ending to go with the intrigue and suspense that I'd experienced with the rest of the novel. I wanted it to knock my socks off but my socks stayed intact. Sooo close to a five star book but that damn ending! 

Even though I didn't enjoy the tail-end of the book, the meat of the story is amazing. I'll be checking out other books by this author in the near future and I'm excited to see what she comes up with next!

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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