About Me

My name is Julie and I'm a book-aholic. I have a severe addiction to reading and in turn, reviewing. My new favorite genre seems to be young adult and new adult ... I just can't seem to get enough of either of those genres!

My love of books started at a young age. My parents instilled a love of books in me when I was very young, just like their parents did with them. And just like we hope to do with our boys.

Now ... about my reviews. Sometimes, they can be a bit unconventional. I go off on tangents ... if you stick with me on whatever I'm talking about, I promise ... I do get to the point. Eventually. In my mind, my weird analogies make sense and I hope that they can help convey what I think about the book.

My review style is pretty simple ... I'm just totally honest. A good portion of my books are given to me as a trade for a fair and honest review ... well ... that's what they get. That's really great if the book I'm reading is amazing. It's not so great if the book falls short for me. I try my damnedest to not to criticize the author and just the works but that's been difficult a time or two. 

Thanks for taking the time to read a bit about me and my reviews, now get off here and go read!

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