Thursday, March 2, 2017

Book Review: Fake Engagement Real Temptation by Joya Ryan

 Oh. My. God. Carrie Morgan can’t escape her cheating ex fiancé. She goes on her Hawaiian honeymoon fantasy vacation to prove she’s over him—but he’s there with his mistress in tow. Good thing Carrie’s annoyingly over-protective friend Blake came with her. How’s she going to prove to her ex she’s over him? Easy. One… Two… Three… She grabs Blake and kisses him.

Blake Harris isn’t about to let anyone take advantage of his heartbroken friend Carrie. And that includes himself, even if she’s sexy as sin in that bikini. Then she kisses him—and he’s on fire. Damage done, but he can back off. Except he sees that broken look in Carrie’s eyes. No. Hell no. New plan. He intends to show her ex just what he’s thrown away.

The kisses? For show. The heat? Part of the performance. The private practice sessions? Uh-oh. Those are starting to feel a bit too real…


I have really hit the book jackpot lately. Yet another amazing book under my belt for the year. AND I've found a new author to book-stalk, which is awesome. 

I know that a book is super good when I have to force myself to stop reading so that I can write notes. Even when I give myself an ultimatum, I still have a difficult time putting the book down. But if I don't, I end up with what I did this time. I had one note. It said "5". Well that's not one bit helpful, right? Luckily, loving a book so much means that I don't forget much about it but I do have a problem with spilling the beans on stuff that needs to stay secret until you get to that part of the book. So I'm going to try to not give any spoilers. I'll be as vague as possible ... hopefully. 

Carrie's fiance is a cheater and I wish it could go without saying but he's a massive d-bag. So Carrie decides to chunk him a deuce and go on her honeymoon alone because she's built up this massive fantasy which is almost too unrealistic to happen. But when she gets to Hawaii, her douchecanoe ex is there with his side chick. And this is when the excitement starts. Carrie is obviously broken down and despite that, you can just sense how tough this lady really is. To have the cojones to go on a honeymoon (more specifically: a very romantic, lovey dovey, honeymoon) alone is awesome. 

It's all good until her big brother's (very dashing and protective) best friend, Blake, decides to insert himself into the situation and pretend to be Carrie's newest love interest. You guessed it, it's all to make the a-hole ex regret ever cheating on Carrie. You might have also guessed that two people on a romantic island getaway, pretending to be in love might lead to something. I won't say if it does ... but this IS a romance novel ...

The characters were great, I loved Carrie from the very beginning and Blake ... who wouldn't love this perfectly created fictional creature. The sparks flew between these two and it will make you blow through the pages. The story is exciting from the beginning to end and there's never a dull moment. Definitely a book I'll be reading again ... probably this summer as I sit by the pool and try to block out the sounds of our boys beating each other with pool noodles and squealing because SOMEHOW, water got in their eyes. In the pool. Which is weird. Anyway ... great book, great author and wonderful reading experience!

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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