Thursday, April 6, 2017

Book Review: Rise of the Chosen (Lifeblood #1) by Anna Kopp

In Sam's world there are two rules. Rule #1: Nobody dies. Protect the living at all costs. Rule #2: Everybody dies. At least once.

The Waking was a global event in which a force called the Lifeblood invaded all humans who died. The few strong enough to control it came back as powerful immortals. The rest let the bloodlust take over and awoke with one goal - to kill.

Newly appointed Watch Guard Samantha Shields has a legacy to uphold. Her father died a hero defending their city and now she wants to follow in his footsteps. Except for the dying part, of course. Unfortunately, fate has other plans as she discovers deep dark secrets that make her choose between her loyalties and the lives of everyone in her city. Both rules are in play as Sam is forced to make hard decisions that could cost her everything - including the person she cares about most.

I can't even COUNT how many years its been since I have read a dystopian. That genre used to be my shit years ago. Thanks to two massive series that came out ... one with a dashingly handsome gentleman named Four. I need a Four. Maybe two Fours. Anyway ... uh ... if I'm totally honest, I didn't mean to click this book on NetGalley. I received an email about it and clicked it to see what all the excitement was about and BOOM! It added it to my shelf.

Yes. So. First dystopian I've read in quite a while and wow. Didn't think that I would like this as much as I did. Not because it's a dystopian but because it's about zombies. Don't like that stuff. Unless it's World War Z ... or Walking Dead ... it's derailment city around here today. Yeah, so I didn't think that I would like it but DUDE! The story was something I hadn't heard of before and it really grabs your attention! 

That being said ... I won't lie ... it was a tad difficult to read. That difficulty all comes down to it being from multiple POV's and you not really being clear on when the switch happens. I'm hoping that it was changed in another version of the book ... maybe a couple of page breaks or asterisks or something between the characters. It takes you a few sentences into the new POV to figure out who it is that's talking. And that can be a bit of a derailment in itself. It caused the book to read pretty choppy and there were what felt like a lot of starts and stops because things just didn't flow how I knew that they could. 

I liked the characters but again, they were a little difficult to get to know and I really think that it was because of the multiple POV's and the distracting qualities that were brought with it. The intriguing storyline made up for it. It was a fast-paced book that was full of shocking twists and turns that kept you on  your toes from the first page to the last sentence. 

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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