Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Book Review: This Time by A.J. Warner

Alison Scott never believed in such things as destiny or fate, but she did think that everything happened for a reason. So, when her life and marriage crumble before her eyes, she picks herself up out of the rubble and forges a new way.

Ethan Glenn worked hard to build his life, never taking time to really live. When Alison crosses his path again, sparks soar, sexual fantasies collide with reality, and Ethan wants more. He wants to be her everything.

Brought together by the destruction of their pasts, their hunger for each other could be the very thing that destroys them.

What happens when distance and circumstance threaten to stand in the way of this love? How do they cope when all that they want is everything time won’t let them have?


Before I even get into my review ... I seem to be the only person that read this book who didn't enjoy it. I've also never read anything by Warner, so I didn't really know what to expect. All of that being said ... I didn't expect to not connect with this book. And "not connect" is putting it nicely. 

To be blunt, I found the book cheesy. The conversations were cheesy, the story itself was cheesy, everything was cheesy. It didn't feel realistic in the least. It was also dry. I didn't fall into the story, it felt forced upon me and again, nothing was realistic. Actually, at one point, I even noted that "It's like the Sahara up in this shit". Apparently, my grammar goes to the wayside along with my language when I get irritated with a book. One of my biggest pet-peeves is when conversations are stiff and forced. In no way did I see any of these conversations happening in real life. 

I'm not sure if it was the stiff dryness that was the kiss of death for me on this one or what but I wasn't even halfway through the book and I felt like I didn't really know the characters. I didn't understand their motivations or wants or needs or even just the crux of who they were. 

I was already irritated with how things were so completely boring and then by the time I was done with the book, I was just pissed. I felt like I invested myself and then got nothing in return. Now like I said at the beginning, I'm basically the only person in the entire world that didn't like this book. So take my review with a grain of salt and try it out for yourself. 

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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