Sunday, January 5, 2014

Losing My Reading Mojo

After I finished my last Sandra Brown book back in November, I had a bit of a book crisis. I read around 10 books after The Switch and I didn't finish one of them. Not one! I would pick something up that I was dying to read and then once into it, I would totally lose interest and just put it down. After that, another book would get started but with the same result. Occasionally, I would go back to one of the previous ones and try to pick it up again and just nothing was tying me to these books. I had absolutely no interest in them. I had lost my reading mojo. 

I actually ended up going about a month without reading anything recreational. It was the weirdest thing. I didn't miss reading, it just didn't exist for me. I've never had this happen before. A dry reading spell? If someone had told me that they suffered from this, I would have thought that they didn't really enjoy reading to begin with if they could put it down so easily. Shame on me. I've walked a mile in their shoes and now I understand! 

As of January 1st, I started reading again - it just felt like time. And I've blown through 3 books ... I haven't reviewed them yet ... I'm a bit behind on that but it will be cleared up shortly. I have tons of new books to review this year, including some kids books because our youngest is now reading full books all by himself! I like to read the books that he does so that we can chat about them afterward - like our own little book club! 

I hope this year brings thousands of amazing pages read for everyone. Now get your nose back in that book!

 ❤ Julie ❤

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