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Review: Jaded, Full Series (Jaded #1-3) by Ali Parker

As a photographer for the New York Post, Kari Martin was used to seeing heartache and scandal up close. But one night at the club… her whole world changed.

Heartbroken and willing to call off her wedding, she decides a change is in order and moves from NYC to a small town in Maine, where the average age of the residents there is sixty (or thereabouts). She works to fit in perfectly, and tries like hell not to let anyone find out just how very jaded she’s recently become over the lie called love.

Jake Isaac left Texas quite a few years ago; his heart torn from his chest, and his mind set on being a bachelor forever. Maine would welcome him, give him land to explore and a community to belong to. Getting a job as the coach of the local junior high and serving on the fire department kept him busy — and labeled him a hometown hero — but the truth of his damaged heart was forever hidden.

No one would ever know just how jaded he was about love. That is… until he meets Kari.

Kari is out enjoying her bachelorette party with her girlfriends when the unthinkable happens. The next day, Kari decides to move away to a small town that she's never heard of and start a new life. Being in a new place isn't always easy, especially when fate keeps throwing the man of your dreams into your path even though you know you're not ready. Sometimes fate knows better than you do.

You know, I was excited about reading Jaded. I thought that it would be full of angst and turmoil and just ... feeling. But it wasn't as angsty as I had hoped it would be. With the kind of opening that the book had ... man ... I was expecting sparks to fly and maybe for my Kindle to catch on fire but that just never happened. Those first couple of chapters were amazing and then the story just tapered off for me. Some of the issues I had was that the story was just too convenient ... well, not the story, but things that happened in the story. The characters shouldn't always get the easy way out, there needs to be controversy in order to keep the story interesting and there just wasn't much of that. The story kind of fell flat and became long winded and uninteresting. I was skipping paragraphs just waiting for something (anything!) to happen that would move the story along.

I also found Jaded to be SUPER wordy. Things were just phrased so weirdly sometimes. Here's an example: "Kari came loose of her panties and bra". Ooookay ... OR you could say: Kari took her panties and bra off ... OR even: off came her undergarments. But Kari came loose of her panties and bra? Weird. No one tied her up in that shit, she took them off. Another one is: "... parking her small Honda in a covered garage and slipping out into the small space afforded her". OMG. Why say it that way?!? She stepped into the small space between the cars ... done. Anyway, I don't know. Is what was written grammatically correct? Sure. But it sounds weird as hell, no one says shit that way. Maybe I wouldn't be so irritated with the weird phrases if there weren't any typos. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've listed typos in a review because you know what, stuff happens. Especially with all of the indie books out there but this time, I was already irritated and seeing the phrase "me mumbled" just sent me over the edge. I mean, come on! This isn't that In Me Mom's Car Broom Broom vine that was going around, this is a piece of literature. Me mumbled seemed almost like an insult to the reader. Me didn't mumble but me is getting pissed.

Oh! And THEN the ending was a complete letdown. I was shocked that it just ended, I didn't feel like anything was truly buttoned up, there wasn't a completed feeling to it. It was like the story was getting good and then someone deleted the last 20 pages and wrote the end. It wasn't what I was expecting at all but again ... my irritation could be from the whole me mumbled debacle.

I guess the worst part of this whole ordeal is that this book had potential for me. I was really looking forward to it. So much so that I actually received two Ali Parker series before I had read anything by her. Yeah. Note to self: Only get one series by a new author that way you're sure you like their writing style. And in lieu of the wordiness and typos, I use the word style VERY loosely. I really hate not liking a book but it happens. On to the next one!

* I received this book in exchange for an honest review *

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