Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review: A Scoundrel by Moonlight (Sons of Sin #4) by Anna Campbell

Anything can happen in the moonlight . . .
Justice. That's all Nell Trim wants-for her sister and for the countless other young women the Marquess of Leath has ruined with his wildly seductive ways. Now she has a bold plan to take him down . . . as long as she can resist the scoundrel's temptations herself.

From the moment Nell meets James Fairbrother, the air positively sizzles. Yet for all his size and power, there's something amazingly tender in his touch. Could he really be such a depraved rogue? The only way to find out is to beat the devil at his own game . . . one tempting kiss at a time.

On her deathbed, Dorothy asks her sister, Nell, to avenge her. Nell is only given a small snippet of information by Dorothy but nonetheless, her plan quickly falls into place. She will get revenge for her sister. She will make sure that she takes down the horrible man who brought about the downfall of her sister if it is the last thing that she does. 

This isn't the first book by Anna Campbell that I've read and it most certainly won't be the last. I loved pretty much everything about this one. Especially the tension and chemistry between Nell and James because it was almost palpable. They had this back and forth between them that I thoroughly enjoyed and I really couldn't get enough of it. But this seems to be how Campbell writes ... all of her characters are so fleshed out that they seem like someone you know and the conversations between everyone is incredibly realistic and believable. 

All of that being said, you would think that there would be slow parts like there is in real life since her writing is so ... real ... but there isn't. When you pick this one up, you'll find yourself just blowing through the pages and before you know it, you'll be done. 

I can't really find anything else to say ... Oh! I liked the intrigue that Campbell wove into the story, it really kept me on my toes from the first page to the last. And then how she brought in characters from other stories and you were given a little snippet of how their lives have progressed since the last novel was awesome!! I always enjoy the little continuations that some authors put into the next installments of a series. Such a great book in an amazing series. I'm excited for the next one!

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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