Monday, February 9, 2015

Review: One More Minute with You by Sierra Hill

Seattle is in the rearview mirror and Kenzie Daniels wants to start a new life to pursue her musical dreams in Nashville. But it’s harder than she thought trying to make it on her own with no one to rely on but herself. Until a handsome customer shows up at her table and changes the course of her future.

Remy Martins wasn’t looking for anything but a good time and a creative outlet when he stumbled upon Hank’s Diner and discovered his muse. The moment he laid eyes on Kenzie, the beautiful waitress with a chip on her shoulder, he knew his luck had turned around. He’d been in a writing slump for months and she was the spark he needed, breathing new life into his lyrics. Now Remy is determined to have Kenzie and keep her in his life.

When a chance run-in at one of his gigs has Kenzie leaning on him for support, Remy is given the opportunity to make her an offer she just can’t refuse. 

Just as their relationship morphs into something more, fueling a deep physical need that neither of them can deny, Kenzie’s and Remy’s pasts collide - threatening to destroy their bond along the dreams they’d hoped to fulfill.

Can Kenzie rely on Remy to be there when she needs him the most? Will both their dark pasts ruin their chances at a bright future?

Whew. This one. This. One. I ... ugh. I'm a little disappointed with this one. I'm just going to jump in on the review here. I really thought that this was going to be a great novel. I read the blurb and it had so many great things going for it that nothing could possibly go wrong, right? Negative. Big, fat negatory. No, that isn't a word, but it totally should be. 

The beginning of the story was great. I fell in love with Remy and I just couldn't get enough of Kenzie, I thought that they were great characters ... just messed up enough to make the story interesting. But then somewhere in the first quarter of the book, it just dropped off. It became a reader's worst nightmare for me ... it was a chore to read. I felt like I was forcing myself to read the next page when all I wanted to do was put this down and pick something else up. I felt like I was wasting my time with a story that was really going no where. 

There were lots of opportunities for the story to really take off. The story was riddled with controversy and problems but it was just boring. Maybe there were too many things going on ... there is such a thing as too many problems and that could be what was wrong with this novel. This is going to be a spoiler alert, so don't read any further if you plan on reading this book .... but you have two moms that have died, two absent fathers, an abusive boyfriend, a whoring girlfriend, a pervy uncle and each of them brought tons of issues to the story. Now that I really think about it, it's just too much. If there were just a couple and the issues were deep with them, it probably would have worked. 

I also didn't like the ending. Things just came too easy for the main characters. I want to read about strife. I want to read about a massive struggle that the characters overcome. Don't make it easy. Make the characters AND the reader work for that big payoff. But that's just me. I'm sure there are a bunch of readers who wouldn't care if things are easy in a story. I don't think that I'll read anything else by this author again. Not my cup of tea.

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