Saturday, February 7, 2015

Review: Undressed (Country Roads #4.5) by Shannon Richard

She knows the rules of the game . . . but she can't resist his moves
Publicist Abby Fields's career is on the rise. And with failed romances in her past, she has no time for men. When a job opportunity opens up with a sports team in Florida, Abby eagerly packs up and heads south. Yet after a work event in Mirabelle, Florida, Abby finds herself in the arms of a hockey player whose heartstopping smile leads her to the steamiest night of her life . . .

Logan James is hot on and off the ice. With his team on an epic winning streak, life couldn't get better . . . until he meets Abby, the fiery redhead assigned to protect his team's image. Now Logan's finding it difficult to concentrate on anything other than getting Abby undressed. But after a secret is leaked to the press, the taste of betrayal opens old wounds. If they can't learn to trust each other, they may risk losing more than their hearts.

First, I want you guys to know that I have not read anything else from this series. And that may have impacted my views on this book. I usually don't jump into the middle of a series but the summary for this one was so interesting that I just had to break out of what I usually do and give it a try. In hindsight, that was a bad idea. 

The premise of Undressed was great. But it took me 5 days to read a 200 page novella. It just didn't keep my attention. At. All. I can't really pinpoint why that happened. I just wasn't interested. Now, the story is pretty good - I really enjoyed the main characters (Abby and Logan) and I liked how the story flowed but there was just something missing. Some spark or pizazz or something. I'm not entirely sure what. 

Undressed really yanks at your heart, a lot of the story revolves around a horrible part of Logan's life. It was just horribly sad. You know what? Maybe that was what I had a problem with with this one. In my opinion, all great stories have peaks and valleys ... high highs and low lows that really put the reader through the wringer. While this one had some super low lows, the highs weren't enough to offset the lows. At the end of the novel, I was just left feeling unfulfilled. This book was just ... okay. Now if you're really into this series, it will probably be perfect for you because it really received high ratings ... it just wasn't for me. 

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