Sunday, January 31, 2016

Book Review: Necessary Risk (Bodyguard #1) by Tara Wyatt

Trained to protect against all danger, a professional bodyguard can provide all the muscle a woman needs. But when their hearts are on the line, love is the riskiest business . . .

Former child star Sierra Blake is making a stunning Hollywood comeback-and attracting a scary amount of attention. When her home is vandalized and her safety threatened, she knows it's time to bring in the professionals. But from the moment she sets eyes on her indecently sexy new bodyguard, Sierra's thoughts are anything but professional . . .

Few things in this world scare Sean Owens-until he realizes he's in serious danger of losing his heart to his new client. No matter how much he wants to, Sean won't let his feelings for the smart and gorgeous Sierra get in the way of doing his job. Because as the attacks against her escalate, crossing the line between business and pleasure could get them both killed.


When I first heard about this book, I had a bit of a SQUEE moment. The blurb reminded me of The Bodyguard. I fell in love with overly protective men the first second I saw Kevin Costner on the screen in that movie. Talk about hot as hell!! I just KNEW that Necessary Risk would be amazing and I wasn't disappointed in the least. 

The story of Sean and Sierra that Tara Wyatt created was nothing short of perfect. I loved how Sierra was so strong in the face of such terrifying events happening around her. A strong female heroine is an amazing thing to read, especially when she's also vulnerable and so much like a real person that she's easy to relate to. I instantly wished I was more like Sierra and that I had a best friend just like her. And then there's Sean. Dear, sweet, protective, powerful and sexy Sean. You can't help but fall in love with a man that makes you feel safe and protected. Sean was incredibly protective of Sienna yet he wasn't suffocating and instead of coming off as creepy (as it sometimes does in these romantic suspense novels), it was endearing and sigh-worthy. It was very easy to get caught up in the chemistry that was furiously swirling around these two and it made it difficult to put the book down. I guess that's why I read it in less than a day!

I enjoyed the plot line, there were quite a few things going on but the author wrote it in such a way that it wasn't confusing in the least and she kept the suspense and tension spiked up to a level where you are permanently sitting on the edge of your seat, just waiting for things to happen. Most of the time, I can figure out who the bad guy is while I'm reading but Tara Wyatt got me! I had no freaking clue and I was happily surprised to find out that all of my initial hunches were completely wrong and apparently, unfounded. 

This is the first book in a new series and while it does not end in a cliffhanger, I'm hoping that any subsequent novels will briefly touch on Sean and Sienna's relationship because I don't think that I could ever tire of hearing about their relationship. I can't believe my luck in finding yet another amazing author that I'm going to have to book-stalk for the rest of my life. AND you know what I just found out?!? Necessary Risk is Tar Wyatt's very first book. Are you freaking kidding me? Unbelievable. She is a talented lady and I'm so excited to see how the rest of this series plays out. 

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

Available: February 23rd, 2016

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