Saturday, April 16, 2016

Book Review: Fly (Velocity #1) by Molly McLain

Meet Colton Wade, FMX rider...

I’m just a small town guy who caught a lucky break. Now I’m living the dream, on the brink of high-flying super-stardom. But something’s missing.

That something is Taylor.

She’s my best friend. The one who makes me want to push harder and higher. The one I fall back on when shit gets tough. The one I’d give it all up for.

I’d do anything to protect her. To make her dreams come true too.

But a single night changes everything.

And now the one she needs protection me.


I've never read anything by Molly McLain before and while I wish that I had found her sooner, it's really not surprising that I haven't. She had her first book published in 2014, so she's a very young author in the published world. But let me tell you, she has a crap-ton of books out already. I believe that all of them are less than 200 pages but don't quote me on that. They are shorter books and there's nothing wrong with that. It looks like she puts them out fairly quickly, so there will not be any waiting a year or so for the next installment. Which is a good thing because Fly ended in one of those damn cliffhangers that I despise so much. 

I really enjoyed getting to know the main characters, Taylor and Colton. It's not too often that you can read a true "friends to lovers" novel. I've read quite a few books that said that they are F to L but it never really comes off as that to me. Anyway, McLain did a great job of completely separating the friendship from any romantic feelings within the characters. It honestly read as if Colton and Taylor were amazingly close friends. They didn't resent each other or the feelings that they were keeping close and not sharing. It just made for an interesting novel considering there truly was a transformation of their relationship from one level to the next. The chemistry that they both begrudgingly gave in to eventually was almost palpable. The feelings between Colton and Taylor felt so real that it just gave the book some added depth.

The story itself was great. I wasn't too sure how I would feel about reading something that revolved around BMX type stuff because I'm just not interested in it but while it played a massive part in the book, it didn't overwhelm the storyline or detract from the romantic aspects of the novel. Again, it just added another level of depth.

Everything moved along at a great clip. I didn't find myself wishing that the book would just move on to something important. It was just an all-around great book. But if it was so amazing, why did I give it only four stars? Well, it's the damn cliffhanger. I'm telling you, the person who invented the cliffhanger should be punched in the throat. Multiple times. I just can't stand cliffhangers. I think I was just super irritated about it the next book isn't out and the blurb didn't say that it was continued in another novel. Not that I wouldn't have read it but I like to be prepared for someone to yank the rug out from under me. 

That being said, it's still a great book and you should definitely pick it up. I'll be reading more books by McLain in the very near future.

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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