Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Book Review: Primal Instinct (Bodyguard #2) by Tara Wyatt


The first time he lays eyes on Taylor Ross in a bar, Colt Priestley does something few men would dare to do. He approaches the world-famous singer, shamelessly flirts with her, and gives her a night in his bed that neither of them will soon forget. When Taylor's record label hires a bodyguard to keep tabs on the out-of-control rocker, she's less than thrilled to find it's her off-the-charts one-night stand who shows up for the job. She's terrified of letting herself fall for the damaged ex-Army Ranger, and she's determined to push him away. Yet every moment they're together simmers with tension. As the danger from an obsessed stalker mounts, Taylor and Colt are tempted to cross that line again-baring their hearts and souls as well as their bodies-and there's no telling how hot this song will get.

Reading a book by a first time author is a bit of a crap-shoot. You are never really sure if their first book will be a hit or miss. Tara Wyatt's first book, Necessary Risk, was amazing. Then you're faced with another issue ... if the first time author's first book is great, then was it a fluke? Will all subsequent books be just as good? It's a difficult decision to make but not if you're reading Tara Wyatt. Once again, she put a spectacular book out there and it makes me wish for the 3rd in the series even more. 

Yes, this is the second book in the series. But I don't think that you have to read them like that if you don't want to. They are pretty much stand-alone novels. I think that you should read the first one well, first, because you'll get some extra insight into the characters but also because I will freely judge you behind your back about missing out on such a great series beginner. But it's up to you. No pressure.

Primal Instinct is another one of those switching POV books but the awesome part is that the switch is so seamless between the male and female leads that it's absolutely incredible. I have no idea how Wyatt can write from a male perspective so well but never once did I get the feeling that there was any bleed over from Taylor into Colt. I know that some people don't like the switching POV but don't hesitate with this book ... it will make you love the whole concept and wish that more books had it. I just can't even explain the amount of depth that it adds to a character when you can get into their head. Especially with a male because honestly, I'm married to one and we're raising two of them and I have no clue as to what goes through their heads most of the time. 

Before I picked Primal Instinct up, I was warned that it was a bit more explicit than Necessary Risk was. And boy, was it ever. But I think that it was necessary because that is how the main character, Taylor is. She's a no-holds barred, no apologies type of chick and that is just who she was. If the book wasn't as graphic, I don't think that it could have been about Taylor because that isn't her character at all. The book being more PG would have just ruined the plot line. That's the thing with Tara Wyatt's books ... if it's within those pages and put into the plot, it's because it needs to be there ... there isn't any fluff or wasted space; everything is necessary.

I'm pretty certain that Taylor and Colt are my absolutely favorite characters this year. And together ... perfection! They really couldn't be any more adorable. I'll just say this ... prank wars. Hands down, my favorite part of the book. Along with all of the other parts. I think my absolute favorite section is seeing how possessive Colt was. Not possessive in a creepy way ... I think on a scale of 1 to boiled rabbit, Colt rates about a 2 ... it's just very sweet how he watches over Taylor and it makes you love him even more. And Taylor. What a beautiful mess. It was fun getting to know her character this time since she was just briefly touched up on in the last book. And the villain ... I'll just say this ... Wyatt must have been channeling some pretty creepy shit when she created him. 

Since I've been gushing over this book like a weirdo, I feel like I have to take a moment to mention the one very minute detail that kind of got under my skin. It's really nothing serious but I jotted it down when I was reading and since I'm always into a full disclosure, I might as well bring it up. And yes, this is reaching but again, it kinda irritated me ... there are some names that are similar ... three sets of two ... only one set so close that I thought I was reading about the same person at first because I blew through this book at a ridiculous rate. And it's not like in real life all of your friends will have names that start with different letters and no one's name sounds the same. Hell, I know four chicks named Michelle and two are close friends. Anyway, that's it. No biggie. Definitely nothing to keep you from reading this book.  

So that's it. Another masterpiece by Tara Wyatt and I'm starting to learn that it shouldn't be a surprise. Most definitely a series that I'll read again and one I'll keep track of in the future. You should too because you just have to at least meet Taylor and Colt. Such an awesome couple.

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

Available: May 31st, 2016

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  1. Great review! This book is going in my TBR pile, thanks for bringing this book to my attention.