Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Book Review: Heartbreaker (Unbreakable #1) by Kat Bastion & Stone Bastion

Kiki Michaelson wants one wild night to forget her starving-artist worries. Simple.

Only instead of Darren Cole becoming her one-night stand, he taunts her with a challenge. Then while she’s trying to best him at his own game, he turns out to be the last thing she’s prepared for: someone she wants to keep.

Which means all he can ever be…is a friend.

Darren Cole never allows a girl to get close—not close enough to matter.

Then storms in Kiki Michaelson, a beautiful, fearless temptation that rocks his world off-balance. But he fights their attraction, unwilling to gamble something physical with their close ties. Until the passionate sculptor exposes her heart and breaks his wide open.

In that moment it becomes clear: she could never be just a friend.

Sometimes what you run from…is exactly what you need.


I had no idea what to expect from Heartbreaker. I've not heard of the Bastion writing team and I've obviously been missing out. I'm not totally for sure how I could have missed out on them for so long but that will be quickly rectified because I'm very interested in what else they have out on the shelves right now. 
I was about halfway through the first page of this book and I was totally hooked. I found myself completely immersed in the book. And it was all because of the characters. The Bastions can write amazing characters. I was completely entranced with Kiki and Darren. I wanted more and more from each of them. The way that these two characters interacted was absolute perfection. The push and pull between them was captivating. Together, they created a beautiful love story that was almost sickeningly sweet. I don't know that I would change anything about them. However, I do wish that I had read the other series where Kiki and her siblings were involved because even though this was a standalone novel, that backstory would have been great to have. Guess it just means I'll have to read that series!

So it sounds like I loved the story, so why the four star rating, right? There was just something missing in the plot for me. I'm clueless as to what it was. The book was good but it didn't pull me in. It didn't steal minutes away from me as I poured over the pages. It didn't demand my time and I really wanted it to. I wanted to be able to lose myself but I just couldn't. It was a little too easy to put down when I had things that I had to do and sure, it was equally as easy to jump right back into but I wanted to have to fight with myself to put Heartbreaker  down when I needed to do something. I know, it sounds silly. Anyway, I don't know what could have changed within the pages to give me that escape. If I did, it sure would make it easier to pick out books in the future! 

This is a great book though. The romance is awesome and you'll just love Kiki and Darren together because I know that I did. 

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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