Saturday, July 16, 2016

Book Review: Dirty Work: An Anthology by Amanda Heger, Harper St. George & Tara Wyatt

Nothing can keep a Hennessy from what he wants, even if it means getting dirty... And these men are good with their hands.

When an inheritance forces Natalie Green back to her hometown, she finds herself knee-deep in family heirlooms and unwanted memories. And some of those memories involve landscaper Chris Hennessy—the guy whose virginity she took all those years ago. As the two begin rekindling an old flame, Natalie realizes her entire life is about to be UPROOTED.

When lawyer Rachel Cambridge's life falls apart, she should be heartbroken. So why can't she drag her thoughts from the bad boy she walked away from years earlier? Sexy mechanic Sage Hennessy isn’t interested in forgiveness, but he won’t say no to a night in his bed. Will it be enough, or will Rachel get back the one man who's ever REVVED her engine?

Cynical sports journalist Charlie Grant isn't looking for love, especially not with smartass carpenter Adam Hennessy. But when Charlie hires Adam to rebuild her deck, she can't seem to keep her hands to herself. When smoking hot sex turns into something more, she's worried she might get NAILED.

Follow the rough-around-the-edges Hennessys and the women who snag their hearts in DIRTY WORK, an anthology with novellas by Amanda Heger, Harper St. George, and Tara Wyatt.

This is the first anthology that I've ever read. I don't know if it was a conscious choice to not have picked one up ... in the past, I've not been a fan of novellas because they didn't seem like full and complete stories to me. I'll be honest, if one of my favorite authors hadn't asked me to give it a read, I probably wouldn't have given it more than a glance since it is an anthology. I'll admit ... and please don't tell my husband because he doesn't think it's possible ... but I was wrong. I must have not picked good novellas in the past because these three ladies are bad. ass. 

Oh!! Before I forget ... here's the deal ... when an author writes a book that is so earth-shattering that I add them to my list of trusted authors, I'll just read what they send me without reading a blurb, without looking at any book news or previews ... I just pick it up and start reading. That's what happened with this one. I dove right into it without knowing even one tiny piece of info on it and by the time I got to the second novella, I thought that these authors had lost their minds. Out of the three authors, two of them had used the same last name within their story. Talk about confusing! I thought I'd never keep things straight and as I was questioning their sanity and whether they had taken the time to talk to each other in order to avoid this kind of chaos, I realized ... this anthology is about three dudes from the same family ... hence the same last name ... and I'm an idiot. Anyway ... I just avoided you being an idiot like me. You're welcome. Now go order Dirty Work.

I'm just going to touch on each novella briefly ... they were all rated almost exactly the same with me and I don't want to give away any spoilers; so no long diatribe on each. Again, you're welcome. The first novella, Uprooted by Amanda Heger, was awesome. I knew within the first few pages that it was going to be a five-star reading situation and I was right. Heger told such an intricate and heartwarming story in so few words and it was perfect. I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything since it was a shorter story. Everything was well written and it made me add Heger to my list of authors to book-stalk in the future. 

Next up is Revved by Harper St. George ... it was really the same type of situation with this book. I adored the characters, the story was so well written and I knew within the first few pages that this was also going to be a five-star novella. It did slow down for me just a tad bit in the middle but for the most part, the five-star feeling didn't diminish until I got to the very end and I actually wanted to give it less stars just because it ended too early. I ADORED Sage and I just wanted more of him. 

Last but definitely not least is Nailed by Tara Wyatt. Cheeky little title on this one. Which, I loved. Right from the first page, I was laughing. The back and forth between Adam and his friend was just hilarious and I actually read it twice because I enjoyed that part so much. The rest of the novella didn't disappoint. It's filled with a snarky and sassy heroine that you'll adore and a relentless hero that you can't help but love. It was great from the first page to the last and I was really sad to get to the last paragraph.

All in all, this is an anthology about second chance loves. When you pick this up, be prepared to read at least one novella per sitting. Grab a cup of coffee and go sit down in your comfy chair because you're not getting up until you get to the next novella. I blew through these a lot quicker than I probably should have. I should take my time and savor every single word but when an author is good, and these authors are great, you don't want to take your time because you're on this amazing roller-coaster with unforgettable characters and touching stories and you just don't want it to stop. 

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

Available: August 16th, 2016

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