Saturday, July 9, 2016

Book Review: Entangle (Hearts of Stone #2) by Veronica Larsen

It begins small.
His smoky blue eyes strike hers until the air between them flickers.
Her whispered suggestion blows the spark into a flame.
A guarded heart. A relentless pursuit.
An insatiable chemistry that yields to a torrid affair.

Alexis Stone
I tried to do things the right way. I wore the big white dress and rode off with Prince Charming. Then Charming changed his mind. Some people rush to fill the holes left by their past, but I stripped my life bare. Right down to the essentials: Me, myself, and I. Now I'm thriving, running a successful company and I'm sure I've got everything I want. Enter Leo, a gorgeous, blue-eyed specimen of a man, who walks into my company and introduces me to a level of attraction that is inescapable, undeniable, and utterly consuming. I have two choices, I can either edge around the intense chemistry between us or plunge right through it until there's nothing left. I'm done playing by the rules, but nothing can prepare me for what's on the other side.


This is the second book in the Hearts of Stone series by Veronica Larsen. I originally thought that it was the first because that is what it says on Goodreads but there are definitely spoilers in here from the book Enamor ... which leads me to believe that this is in fact, the second book in the series. Are they massive spoilers? No. Not at all but the book does take place years after Enamor. Might as well read that one first! 

Anyhow ... since I met Lex (Alexis) initially within the pages of Enamor, I was already semi-acquainted with her character and I was super excited to see that she was the focus of this book. In the first book, she's very stand-offish and almost detaches herself from other people and that continued on into this book. It's nice to see a really consistent character within a series. Larsen didn't lose touch with her as she was focused on other main characters - that's a great thing and shows you what a talented author Larsen is. 

I've seen a lot of reviews that really just bash the main character, Lex. They say that they find her to be closed off and cold-hearted. Hello! That's her character!! You're reading about a woman that has completely shut down, basically. She feels that she had her chance at love and missed the boat. She's jaded. She's broken. And she's absolutely perfect the way that she is. I detest characters that have their shit together. Who wants to read about a perfect person with the perfect life? Not this lady. 

And Leo ... I loved him. He's screwed up as well. I wouldn't have it any other way. He has this horrible take on women and relationships. They are there to scratch an itch. Hey, to each their own. I just really enjoyed the interactions between Leo and Lex. They were honest and gritty and not always pretty. Bottom line: they were realistic. 

The turmoil that Lex and Leo go through separately and together is enough to just break your heart. They go on this journey where the destination is muddled, more often than not and where no one knows where the next fork in the road is going to lead. It was heartbreaking during quite a few points. Tears were brought to my eyes on a couple of occasions with Lex because of how broken she felt. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Entangle. In the first book of the series, Enamor, I laughed and in this one, I was sad. I can't wait to see what the next book in the series has waiting for me within its ivory pages. 

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