Monday, September 12, 2016

Book Review: Semi-Scripted (Wanderlove #2) by Amanda Heger

Marisol Gutierrez has come to Los Angeles with a single goal: win the prestigious grant that will save her family's struggling medical clinic back in Nicaragua. But, when a cute guy invites her to sit in the audience of a hip-but-failing comedy program, Marisol figures she'll get a little entertainment out of her otherwise stress-filled trip.

Evan Abramson thought an internship at "The So Late It's Early Show" would be the start of a long television-writing career, but their ratings are sinking. With every show, his plans seem one step closer to collapse. When a backstage crisis throws him into an onstage encounter with a gorgeous and charming audience member, Evan and Marisol become overnight sensations. And soon their made-for-television romance is the only thing keeping "So Late" from cancellation.

As things heat up onscreen and off, Marisol and Evan are caught between their careers and their growing feelings for one another. Being together in front of the cameras puts Marisol's grant at risk, but keeping their romance offscreen means Evan's show is sure to fail. Together they have to decide whether to stick with the script and save their careers or improvise their way toward a happily ever after.

This is the second book that I've read by Amanda Heger but the first in this series. I hardly ever pick up a book in the middle of a series when I've not read the previous ones but there are always exceptions. Those exceptions usually revolve around how much I really enjoy an author's writing. And that's what the thing was this time. I really enjoyed a novella that I beta-read this summer from Heger. Which is really good, btw ... but that's another blog post. 

First, the cover is beautiful. Should this matter? Nope. But it totally does. I'm a cover-judger. When I first started in on Semi-Scripted, I felt a little lost. I'm not completely sure why that was ... it quickly cleared up but I was totally disconnected from the story for the first few chapters. More than likely, that is all on me. Sometimes, I'm just not in it, you know? It's not fair to the book at all and after I got out of my little funk, the story chugged along and I found myself enjoying it more than I had initially thought that I would. 

I didn't really know what to think of Marisol at first. She was such a determined lady but acted like an excited little girl at the prospect of going on this one television show and it was sweet to see that side of her because she does seem a little closed off at first. The reason she seemed closed off was very apparent ... this chick had a lot of stuff resting on her shoulders and she (along with the reader) didn't know if she would be able to pull off what she needed to in order to get the grant her family so desperately required. The further you get into the book, the more I began to adore Marisol. Each interaction with Evan just endeared her more to me. 

And poor, poor Evan. This guy has just about one of the worst jobs in the tv industry and you can completely feel his pain. Watching his desperation morph into something else when he was with Marisol was what I absolutely love about this book. The chemistry between these two made me laugh and sigh and want more. Every time another character came into a scene, I just wanted them to go away so that it could be only Evan and Marisol. 

This was a pretty good book! I'm curious about the first book in the series and any others that might come after. This one was a sweet romance novel that was an easy read. I'm glad that I was asked to read it and I'm looking forward to see what else Heger has in the works.

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

Available: November 8th, 2016

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