Sunday, January 15, 2017

Book Review: Wanting to Remember, Trying to Forget (Meet the Shepards #1) by Jacqueline Francis

Women want the hot guy, right?

They want rock hard abs and ripped biceps. Women don’t want the skinny dork. No. The skinny dork gets shoved to the back seat. The skinny dork gets stuck in the friend-zone. And that’s where Max has been trapped for six years.

The woman of his dreams is right in front of him yet still beyond his reach. Why? Because Danny is in love with someone else, the hot guy with rock hard abs and ripped biceps. Life sucks! Good guys always finish last. Just when Max is ready to give up, Fate steps in and with the help of two annoying friends, he gets the opportunity he’s been waiting for. The underdog finally has a chance to get the girl. The question is: Is he brave enough to take it?


Sometimes I think that I'm my own worst enemy when I'm reading a book. I like story-lines that are swift moving and I think that sometimes when they aren't, I sabotage my own reading experience because the book isn't moving as quickly as I want it to. I'm not entirely sure if that is what happened with this one but I suspect that it was. This book does not move quickly. That's not necessarily a bad thing. There are a lot of readers out there that don't mind the slow pace and actually prefer it. Unfortunately, I'm just not one of those people. 

This book was slow moving from the very beginning to the end. And while that captured my attention when I first started reading, it didn't keep it. I think that's because in the beginning, there is a bit of drama and drama being drawn out is amazingly frustratingly wonderful. You just want to know more but you're enjoying the suspense and watching the train wreck unfold before you - we've all been there, I'm sure. But that drawing out process throughout an entire book just doesn't blow my skirt up. To me, rather than enjoying the book, I get impatient. Impatient me is a jerk.

I liked the characters for the most part. I was told beforehand that the book featured a beta-male. Won't lie, totally looked that shit up. It's just not a phrase that I've ever heard before which is strange considering the phrase alpha-male is used quite frequently. That being said, I didn't mind that the leading man, Max, is a beta-male. I kind of liked the change of pace from all of the other alpha males I read about the rest of the year. Actually, I found him to be the most intriguing character of the whole book. It was really Danny that I just didn't really like. I don't know if it was her personality or what but I thought that she was just one of those females that would irritate me. She was completely oblivious to everything in her life and it made me want to shake her until she woke up. For me, I thought that she took a backseat to Max. I think that if the book had been primarily from his POV that I might have liked it more because I wanted to know more about him than I did her. 

I did find myself skipping some of the long descriptive paragraphs ... I like more dialogue in a book. I like those verbal interactions more than being told about them through descriptions or inner monologues. I think too much of those descriptive paragraphs can weigh a book down and that's what happened to this one when I was reading. I wanted to crack a whip and get the book moving along more. Not a bad book but not one that I'll read again any time soon since I like a more fast paced story-line. 

* I received this novel in exchange for an  honest review *

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