Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Prophecy (The Watchers Chronicles #1)

Title: The Prophecy (The Watchers Chronicles #1)
Date Published: April 2010
Publisher: Zondervan

Remember these words well. It's only a thin veil that separates them from our world. As time grows near, they will return to make their war upon mankind. They will torment, attack, and cause destruction on this planet. They will never hunger; they will never sleep. They will walk amongst us unseen. Invisible to all but those born to see. And each generation of five that sees shall endure more than the last. But the final generation of Watchers will not only endure, not only watch... ...THEY WILL FIGHT.

This book is about 5 children struggling with inner turmoil, demons, spirituality and their fated futures. Do not get discouraged with the first few chapters of this book. It is a bit confusing but it all starts making sense once you get into it. 

I thought that with this being a teen book it would be way too easy to read - I was delightfully mistaken! It is a very mature read. It does reference drugs in the first few pages and teenage pregnancy. If you want to shelter your child from this type of reading, just scan the first few chapters - it's nothing too extreme. The Prophecy surprised me at the end. 

It had a super slow beginning, but in hindsight with all of the information given, it needed to be that way. Good versus Evil has always been a favorite for many authors to write about, but I haven't ever read one quite as good as this.

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