Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review: The Alibi

Title: The Alibi
Author: Sandra Brown
Date Published: January 1999
ISBN: 9780446618670
Publisher: Hachette Books
 Pages: 564

Born into a fine old Charleston family, Hammond Cross is determined to be the city's next district attorney - without sacrificing his integrity. Prosecuting the sensational murder of a real estate magnate could be his ticket into office. Yet, while Hammond anticipates his success, someone near him is plotting his downfall. Is it Steffi Mundell, colleague, ex-lover and rival? Rory Smilow, homicide detective and Hammond's avowed enemy? Is it the dead man's widow, wily, beautiful and Hammond's lifelong friend? Or is it Hammond's prime suspect, the mysterious woman who shares the secret that would be fatal to Hammond's ambitions?

Oh, Sandra Brown!! This woman kills me. I just don't know what I would do without her books!!! I'm beginning to wonder if I have some sort of addiction problem. I just can't get enough of her novels. Okay. All gushing aside, lets rip this book apart and see what's going on within the pages. 

If you've read my reviews before, you know how much I love a flawed character. Sorry, but the more messed up they are, the more I love them. Come on, it's got to be easy to write the PERFECT character. Everything is great in their life and basically, lead a perfect, unblemished existence. How boring must that be?!? I don't want shit to go right for me all the time. Sure, I think that it would be nice sometimes ... especially when I feel like my world is spiraling out of control because our two boys are screaming at the top of their lungs while chasing each other around the house because one of them looked out the others window or some other nonsense. At those moments, I have a bad mommy thought and it's usually that they will end up running into each other and bop heads ... knocking each other out. Hey ... I love our boys but they are a bit much sometimes. Soooo ... uh ... I have no idea where I was going with that ... oh. I love that my life isn't perfect. I want all the trials and tribulations ... that's what life is for!! I just think that a truly flawed character would be the most difficult to write and I totally respect an author that is able to do that. Hats off to Sandra Brown for writing the most perfectly flawed characters every time. 

The book itself ... I loved. I know ... shocker, right? But can you imagine wanting to get away from your life for a night and then (what you think is) fate, drops the most perfect yin to your yang, right in front of you?? I'd like to say that this happened with my husband but if I'm being perfectly honest, that man annoyed the ever loving crap out of me the first day that I met him. He wouldn't stop talking and as if it couldn't get any worse, he only wanted to talk about Ozzy Osbourne! He totally had has a man crush on Ozzy. I mean, I love my husband now ... but back then, I would have happily karate chopped his Adam's apple in an effort to get him to quiet down. Okay, okay ... I'm getting back on track. Where were we ... oh ... meeting your better half and experiencing an instantaneous and all encompassing love ... yeah ... great start to the book!! I love how all of Brown's novels start with just dropping you into the middle of the story. 

The Alibi really kept me interested the whole time that I was reading. I didn't feel a lag or boredom and I didn't find myself skimming very often ... I do happen to do that quite a bit. I'm not proud of skimming but I've got to raise two children who don't leave me much sanity or patience to work with.

You can NEVER go wrong with a Sandra Brown book. Ever. Well ... unless you're talking about one that I haven't read yet and then you're on your own. But for the ones I've read, they're amazing. Pick it up. Now. And no, I'm not paid by Sandra Brown to say that. But I totally wouldn't turn down a few bucks if I was ... 

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