Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: To Seduce a Scoundrel

Author: Darcy Burke
Published: July 2012
Pages: 351

A lady on the brink of disaster

Lady Philippa Latham is determined to avoid scandal at all costs. When her mother's outrageous behavior threatens their entire family's reputation, Philippa attempts to curtail her activities. Unwittingly, she follows her to a party no unmarried Society girl would risk attending. As if that wasn't bad enough, Philippa is "rescued" by England’s most notorious scoundrel, which sets them both on a path to public and personal ruin…

A scoundrel in need of seduction

Lord Ambrose Sevrin is famous for having ruined his brother's fiancĂ© and refusing to marry her. Dangerously attractive, he is an intriguing enigma to London's elite. Only, Philippa thinks she's met the true Ambrose — a gentleman who would fight to defend her and help her secure a husband before it’s too late. But he can't fall victim to Philippa's charms. He won’t tolerate redemption — or love — for his crimes are far worse than anyone can imagine.

Rating & Review

I'm a little ashamed to say how long I stayed up finishing this one last night. I went to bed and I had about half of the book left and before I knew it, it was super late and I realized that I would only get a couple of hours sleep before I had to get our boys out of bed for school. Let's just say that I'm definitely dragging ass this morning. After I finish writing this bad boy, I'm heading to bed.

Okay, okay, okay ... sooo ... historical romance. LOVE this genre. I love how they talk, the dresses, the balls, the dance cards ... I just adore everything about these books. I've never read a Burke book but this will not be the last. Ha ha ... Burke book ... that reminds me of that Vine ... the one where the dude says, "Don't drop that durka durk, heeeeeyyy". You could always change it to "Don't drop that Burke book, heeeeeyyy".

Anyway ... moving on ... this book was filled with more drama and intrigue than most historical romances. It was really a nice change! Most of the time, the author will focus on the horizontal mambo and while that is still in To Seduce a Scoundrel, it really wasn't the heart of the book. I mean come on, what would a historical romance be without all of the bedroom action?!? 

Anyhow, you could really tell that Burke knows these characters. All of her characters have this full and amazing back-stories that add a lot of depth to the novel. It really seemed like I had read a few books in the series - I was that acquainted with the characters. There wasn't really any fluff in this one either ... anything that is written on the page is important to the heart of the story. And man ... the bad guys were skeevy as hell! They really gave me the creeps ... amazing writing job.

I really don't have anything else to say about the book. I know ... shocking, right? Usually, I pick a book apart and just demolish anything I may have liked about it but not this time. Good read, super entertaining, it made me stay up all night and I'll definitely be picking up another book by this author and it will be sometime soon.

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