Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Review: Cinderella's Dress by Shonna Slayton

Being seventeen during World War II is tough. Finding out you’re the next keeper of the real Cinderella’s dresses is even tougher.

Kate simply wants to create window displays at the department store where she's working, trying to help out with the war effort. But when long-lost relatives from Poland arrive with a steamer trunk they claim holds the Cinderella’s dresses, life gets complicated.
Now, with a father missing in action, her new sweetheart, Johnny, stuck in the middle of battle, and her great aunt losing her wits, Kate has to unravel the mystery before it’s too late.

After all, the descendants of the wicked stepsisters will stop at nothing to get what they think they deserve.



I was super intrigued by Cinderella's Dress when I was approached to give it a read. I mean, come on. I may be in my (very)(okay, maybe closer to mid) 30's but I remember hoping for my own Prince Charming and wishing that I could have a fairy godmother when I was a little girl. And now, Cinderella's dress might be real?!? I had to try this novel out. We all want that little piece of magic and that is what I hoped was within these pages. 

You know, it was a pretty good book. A little slow ... that's why I gave it 3 stars. The story was completely enchanting, even if it was a bit confusing at times with all of the Polish. But the story itself was something that really swept me up. The whole premise was something new and one that I think would appeal to a lot of readers. If it weren't so slow it would have been amazing ... oh and sometimes it would skip ahead MONTHS and not give any indication that that had happened. I really thought I had received an incomplete copy a couple of times. If there had been a "A few months later ... " heading or something. Anything would have worked. Those jumps in time with no warning or immediate explanation made the book start and stop and it just impeded the flow of the whole novel. 

You'll fall in love with Johnny and his interactions with the main character, Kate. She's a spunky one that kept Johnny on his toes - their conversations were fun to read. This is definitely a book to give a go. Maybe my expectations of pace is faster than yours. Cinderella's dress would be good to read if you're looking for a sweet, carefree, pool read.

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