Monday, December 1, 2014

Review: Starry Night by Debbie Macomber

Carrie Slayton, a big-city society-page columnist, longs to write more serious news stories. So her editor hands her a challenge: She can cover any topic she wants, but only if she first scores the paper an interview with Finn Dalton, the notoriously reclusive author.

Living in the remote Alaskan wilderness, Finn has written a mega-bestselling memoir about surviving in the wild. But he stubbornly declines to speak to anyone in the press, and no one even knows exactly where he lives.

Digging deep into Finn’s past, Carrie develops a theory on his whereabouts. It is the holidays, but her career is at stake, so she forsakes her family celebrations and flies out to snowy Alaska. When she finally finds Finn, she discovers a man both more charismatic and more stubborn than she even expected. And soon she is torn between pursuing the story of a lifetime and following her heart.


I've read quite a few Debbie Macomber books in my time and this one doesn't disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this novel. It's one of those simple stories that has such feeling behind it that you can't help but love it. 

The characters were awesome. I adored Carrie from the first word of this book and I wanted to punch Finn in the face from the very first paragraph involving him. Finn is that guy that you really love to hate to begin with and then he grows on you and then you wonder what in the world you ever did without him in the first place and how you can never be totally complete unless he's by your side. I married Finn's twin brother apparently. Carrie was exactly what I wanted her to be ... sweet and patient and almost unbearably kind. She's the type of character that I always find myself rooting for especially when the chips are down. And Finn couldn't have been more opposite from her. It was interesting watching their relationship change with the ebb and flow of outside factors. 

I really enjoyed everything about this novel. Although ... it has made me miss the snow, something fierce. This is a great book to read when you're sitting in the airport this year waiting for your flight home. A great book for the holidays and I'm so glad that I waited to read it until now!

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