Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review: Tell Me Why (Fringe #1) by Sydney Snow

Anna Vasquez has had enough. Torn after finding out her best friend committed suicide, she's determined to find out why this horrible thing has happened. But when she falls for her best friend's brother, Caleb, she learns a terrible secret. Suddenly she's left with questions and wondering if love really can conquer all.

Only a handful of people have read and reviewed this book so I really didn't know what to expect and I found myself being pleasantly surprised with the writing style, character development and overall premise of this book. 

I will tell you this though, that first chapter just ripped my heart out. It was so terribly sad and while I enjoy a good heart wrenching novel, I hoped that it wouldn't be that sad throughout the entire novel. It was seriously just a huge downer. But the book does pick up and while the focus is still on the suicide that happens within the first few pages, you're able to go on the healing journey with Anna and her friends. The characters were awesome. I immediately connected with Anna and Caleb and I found myself rooting for each of them separately and together within each chapter.

Oh, speaking of chapters ... this one swaps pov with almost every chapter. Which worked out beautifully. I didn't feel that the story was stilted or slowed down with this constant swapping ... instead, it made the story have even more depth than it would have had if it were written in a different style. 

Overall, a really great book that grabs those heartstrings and yanks on them from the very beginning. I only had one issue with the book and that was the ending. I wish that it hadn't ended the way that it did and it was only because it jumped the timeline. I wanted to read about all of the stuff that was skipped instead of just being told how things worked out. I'm excited to see what the other novels in this series hold. 

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