Sunday, January 4, 2015

Review: Knight in Highland Armor (Highland Dynasty #1) by Amy Jarecki

Grieving from the death of his wife, Lord Colin Campbell listens to the cries of his newborn son whilst penning a missive to the king. With no marriage prospects, Colin petitions his majesty for help in finding a stepmother. Never again will he fall in love—the death of a woman brings more pain than losing a whole contingent of men on the battlefield.

Feisty, quick tongued and smart, Margaret Robinson is delighted when her father receives a messenger from the king…until she discovers what news he brings. In a sennight, she will wed the notorious Black Knight—her life is about to end.

Tension builds during the wedding and deteriorates from there…until an accident draws them together. Just when their love begins to blossom, a dire request arrives from the Pope. Colin must join the Crusades at once.

Their fragile love is forced to withstand the seductions of hell—Margaret tempted by a scoundrel laird—Colin courted by Satan himself. Aye, the war for Christendom could very well ruin their dreams forever.

I have read my fair share of historical romance novels. I usually stick to the 1800's ... I don't really have a reason, those are just the ones that I seem to gravitate towards. This one is set in the 1500's and I enjoyed it more than I thought that I would. 

Just recently, I was working on our family history and we found out that our family came Scotland and we were actually related to quite a few Scottish royalty (along with probably 10 million other people!). That new-found history just made reading this all the more interesting. I mean, I know that this is fiction and all but it was neat reading about tartans and clans and all. Anyway ... 

On with the review! I've never read anything by Amy Jarecki, so it was nice getting to know a new author and I was super impressed! I enjoyed the way she developed the characters and I found myself (once again) becoming attached to these amazing characters. I loved how tortured our hero was. It's amazing to watch an author introduce this damaged character and then we get to go on this journey with them while they try to make themselves better. It was cool watching that transition within the characters. 

There were tons of twists and turns that were completely unexpected and the villains were really behind most of those. I love a good bad guy!! Man, I hated the bad guys so much and I loved every second of it! 

Oh ... guess I should say why I gave this book 4 stars if I loved it so much ... well ... I found myself skipping pages. The sex scenes were just too long for me. It's okay though, the rest of the book was so amazing that it made up for it. And to be honest, there wasn't really all that much sex in this book but when it was there ... it dragged on and that's great for some readers, I just grew tired of reading it because I wanted to see what would happen in the story next.

I really enjoyed this author and this book and I'm excited to see what this author has up her sleeve for future novels! 

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