Saturday, January 17, 2015

Review: Anything But Mine (When You're Gone #1) by Taryn Elliott

Rock star Logan King has come home to Winchester Falls for the annual Summer Festival. Only this time he's hauling a helluva lot more baggage than a few suitcases and vintage guitars. His closet contains more than the usual skeletons…and if he doesn't keep the door firmly locked, someone might get harmed. The specter of what haunts him forces him to turn away from anything more than one-night-stands.

Until Izzy and her topaz eyes finally give him a reason to try again.

Since moving to town Isabella Grace has found friends and a place to belong for the first time in her life. Running the Summer Festival is the perfect way to show how important her new community is. She just never planned on a whirlwind fling with a man too used to saying goodbye. Or to fall for a guy who has as many secrets as he does hit songs.

Logan is used to protecting himself, but protecting Izzy is all new territory. With everything that matters to him at risk, he refuses to let her get hurt—even if that means he has to walk away. For her own good.

First of all, this ending was complete and total bullshit. It wasn't even an ending!!! It was practically the middle of a damn sentence and it just cuts off like it was completely normal. NEWSFLASH!! It's not normal to end a book like that. Damnit. So of course, I had to go buy the next book just so I could find out how the sentence ended. Fine, it wasn't LITERALLY in the middle of a sentence but the story was just kicking up like 20 notches and then BOOM!! Oh, you can't find out what happens unless you pick up the next novel. It was a bait and switch technique that I really didn't appreciate. But the author got what they wanted, for you to buy the next one and being the sucker that I am, I did it. I think it would have been nicer to finish out their story and then when (or if) your writing is good enough (which it is with Taryn Elliott) then you would pick up the next novel and continue the story. Ugh. It just really irritated me. In case you didn't notice. 

Let's move on because I could really just go on and on right now. Okay ... the story ... the bones of the story are really good. I liked the premise of the whole thing and reading about the lives of Logan and Bella. I did think that the sex scenes were just too long. I get it. Spoiler ahead!!! They go at it like rabbits. I actually ended up skimming a lot of the sex scenes because I was enjoying the other elements of the story so much. I just wanted to read more about Bella and Logan as a "couple" (can you really say that about a fling?!?) trying to figure each other out. 

You know, this book would have been 5 stars for me if not for the sex scenes. Oh, and if not for the amount of times that the author referenced Logan's wealth. You don't need to say it repeatedly or extra slow while speaking loudly, I get it. He's rich. He's the richest guy ever in the history of wealth. But it's tiring to have to read that over and over like I'm 98 years old, hard of hearing and a little slow. 

Other than that, it was a good book. I really enjoyed the back and forth between the characters. I like reading about sassy/smart-mouthed characters. It makes the read more interesting and gives it a little zing where other books fall short. I'll probably read this again later on ... maybe after I finish the 2nd book ... which I just bought ... damn you, Taryn Elliott!!

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