Friday, January 23, 2015

Review: Disturbingly Beautiful (A Paradox in Time #1) by J. Wells, L. Wells

Is it really possible that somewhere in time, the perfect paradox could be created? Does romance really stand a chance, and could it ever flourish amidst so many intricacies and broken lives? How can a nineteenth-century governess unknowingly cause so much devastation?

As Nell’s world opens up, we follow her on a complex journey, on which she discovers love, loss and betrayal, and is forced to play a dangerous game from which there appears to be no escape.

An intricate family plot slowly begins to unravel, in which she finds herself centre stage. She was never supposed to leave Haunchcroft estate, and he will do everything in his power to keep her there…

Could a possible rip in time be the salvation that Nell seeks?

“I find you disturbingly beautiful,” are the contradictory words bestowed upon the governess by her master.

Mr Buchannan’s infatuation is a shadow from which Nell cannot escape. The feelings he holds for her are not reciprocated, and though his lust soon turns to love, Nell’s feelings towards him turn to hatred. Dreams and a love of literature are Nell’s only escapism from the downtrodden life she leads as a governess in the nineteenth century.

One night, an intruder on the estate catches Nell off guard, but she gives chase; a decision that leads her through an opening in time between the centuries, where she finds equality, true friendship and a completely different outlook on life.

Despite using this to her advantage to escape the advances of her unwanted suitor, she is somewhat perturbed when she unexpectedly finds him at her side in the twenty-first century. Will love conquer all, or will time always stand in their way?

Before I even dive into this review, I think that it needs to be said that this cover is absolutely amazing. I loved it! Unfortunately, that's where my love for this book begins and ends.

Picking up this book, I had hoped for something like the historical romance novels that I love so much. But that wasn't what I got. The beginning was a bit boring and confusing, I never really knew why the character would be in one room one moment and then it would totally just skip to a part where she was in another room. It just didn't flow. At all. It was reminiscent of when I started driving ... pushing on the gas hard just to push on the brake hard and then I end up with whiplash, one less person willing to teach me to drive and the next door neighbor's cat is roadkill. The flow part made it incredibly boring. That being said, I think that the idea behind the book was really interesting. I haven't read anything like this and I ended up putting all of my eggs in one basket. Then the fluffy kid down the street sat on my basket and those eggs were toast. 

I also thought that the future part was ... yep ... boring. And random. It was just in the 1800's and then all of the sudden, you're in the 1960's with this weird dude who doesn't even know what he's talking about. It was just weird. 

I didn't connect with this one in the slightest. Not even a smidgen. I don't really have anything else constructive to say, so I'm going to stop while I'm ahead.

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