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Book Review: Tracing the Line (Without a Trace #3) by Ally Bishop

They say love doesn’t hurt.

But it’s a lie. I promise you, love someone long enough, and they’ll destroy your soul.

I’ve spent my life taking care of everyone else: my family, my ex-hus- band, my friends. Deep down, I know I should focus on myself, but how can I when I’ve got one sister about to implode while the other battles her own guilt?

The minute I met Kai Isaac, I should’ve run in the opposite direction. His business isn’t one I want any part of, and I’ve got way too much drama in my life already.

But his kiss...those eyes...the raging inferno he creates when he touches me...I can’t stay away. Life’s reeling out of control, and he’s my only refuge from the storm.

My sister Lux says trusting someone means not knowing everything about them and being okay with it...but what if not knowing the truth ruins everything?


I'm going to be super honest from the get go with this one ... this is going to be a brutal review. I'm going to try to keep all of my criticism completely constructive and I hope that it comes off that way ... sometimes I'm a tad less than eloquent. And really ... I don't know if I read a completely different book from what everyone else has read or what but I didn't come close to giving this one five stars and I'll be interested to see their take on it since mine is the polar opposite.

Here goes ... right off the bat, I felt a bit of an immature vibe coming from all of the characters but especially the sisters. This is the first book that I've read by Ally Bishop, so I'm not totally for sure if that was what she was going for or if it just came off as immature to me for some other reason (that I have yet to discover and pinpoint). Since I'm talking about the characters, I might as well mention how confusing the main character is ... not be cause the character herself is confusing but because I didn't really know who the main character was. Is it Zi or Lux or Blue? It seemed as if all three received equal time within the pages of Tracing the Line and it was a bit off-putting. I would have liked for just one to take the spotlight. And I could have issues with this since I've not read any of the other books in the series, I guess. My bad.

The sex scenes. Oh, sweet baby Jesus. The sex scenes. I tell you what, Zi and Kai went from being shy around each other to mach-1 within 2.5 seconds. I know that books are fictional but damn. That was just too fast and it didn't seem plausible to me. But then again, I started skipping sex scenes after I was 60% through the book because they all had the same vibe to them and it seemed like the same stuff happened ... in the same order ... and the characters thought/said the same thing that they had said during the last encounter. I just didn't connect the sex scenes with the characters at all, it didn't seem authentic for them to me. 

The plot of the novel sounded interesting to me when I first picked Tracing the Line up and while it kept my interest at first, I quickly realized that the story was moving along at a snail's pace. This could be because there were like 578 different things going on to all of the characters in the novel and you have to keep up with so many different things and every other page, someone is having some sort of crisis that can only be solved with sex or gouging your eyes out. Wait ... that was what I wanted to do. There were just too many cooks in the kitchen on this one. Too many things going on, too many controversies, too many medical issues, too many drug issues, too many sex issues, too many marriage issues and so on, ad nauseam. 

By the time I was three quarters of the way through the novel, I was really just hoping that there was some asteroid heading for Earth that Bruce Willis couldn't demolish in time and it ends up hitting the town where everyone in this book was and BOOM! the end. I liked this book quite a bit when I first picked it up; I was confused with the seemingly multiple main characters but I liked the blurb and the direction the story was heading. I just wish that the last 80% panned out for me like the first 20% did. I HATE not liking a book. I'm glad that I gave it a try but I'm also a tiny bit glad that it's over. 

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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