Friday, November 13, 2015

Review: Ex-Billionaire Escort (The Escort Collection) by Leigh James

Rising actress Lowell Barton has problems… lots of them.
One night, she tries to solve them with margaritas… lots of them. Unfortunately, she throws them up all over a police officer's shoes. Then a video of the incident shows up all over the Internet. Now she needs to do damage control. Fast. What she needs is a story juicy enough to throw off the press. A new boyfriend—a perfect, smoking hot new boyfriend—would be just the thing. Unfortunately, it's just the thing she doesn't have.
Deciding to throw caution to the wind and money at her mounting problems, Lowell hires a date. But when sexy escort Kyle Richards steps out of her past and onto her doorstep, she finds herself in a fresh hell she couldn't have imagined.

Is he the stepbrother-escort from hell, or just the thing to save her career—and herself?

Lowell’s about to find out. One thing she knows for sure: only desperate times call for measures this desperate. 


Before I get into my review I wanted to talk about the title for a minute because it's a bit confusing. There seem to be two titles for this book that you'll find on Goodreads. I'm not totally for sure which one is the correct version but I'm leaning towards Ex-Billionaire Escort. There are also two completely different covers ... I'll just put the links at the bottom of my review so it is easy to find, no matter the name or cover.

I couldn't put this one down. I had so much stuff to do yesterday, yet if I had a free minute, I had this book in my hands. I found myself totally immersed into the world of Lowell and Kyle and I absolutely adored every single second of it. I don't say that very often about any book. I'm usually pretty hard on them because I've just read so many. But this one was a bit different for me ... it's about a step-brother and step-sister romance. Not something I've ever read before and that's because at first, I had a stomach turning reaction to the whole idea. I mean, they aren't blood related but they are technically brother and sister and that is taboo. Well ... ex-stepbrother and ex-stepsister ... anyhow. I'm glad that I took a giant leap out of my comfort zone because I've found another author that I really enjoy reading.

Leigh James kept me totally hooked from the very first page of this book. I loved how she set up the characters, I loved experiencing that transformation between and within each one. Actually, that may be my favorite part ... watching characters evolve into something different ... better or worse, I don't really care ... it's just something magical to read and I'm hoping that her other books are like this as well with regards to that because if so, I'll be delving into each and every single one of them.

Like I said, the basis of the story was something that I hadn't experienced before ... actually, I don't think I've read a book about an escort before either. I really enjoyed how the author kept this book moving along so quickly. The flow was awesome, there weren't any slow or sluggy (yes, I know that sluggy isn't a word but it should be) parts and I didn't find anything in this book that was just useless information or a waste of space. 

I'll definitely read something else by this author some day. This was a good book and it has not received the ratings that I think it should have but it is what it is, I guess. You should give this a shot if you enjoy reading about stubborn but ruggedly handsome men who sometimes make poor choices and especially if you enjoy reading about a young woman who doesn't give up and stands up for herself. 

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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