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Review: Hit'N Run (Under Suspicion #1) by Lori Power

Lorna Tymchuk fights to overcome a past filled with neglect and abuse.

Determined to build a better life, Lorna has climbed the ladder to a successful public relations career one slippery rung at a time. But while on her way to an important meeting, a former lover crashes back into her life—literally—and she becomes embroiled in a police investigation that threatens everything she’s achieved.

Mitch Morgan doesn’t believe in coincidences.

Mitch has spent five years trying to forget Lorna, only to run into her on his way to an undercover sting operation. Old feelings quickly resurface and passion reignites, but as his investigation unfolds, evidence suggests the woman he’s falling for might have ties to the very criminals he’s after.

When Mitch tugs any thread of his investigation, it seems to lead back to Lorna. Caught between his desire for the strong, curious beauty and the growing suspicions of his superiors, he must choose between trusting his instincts and following regulations.

Lorna finds herself entangled in a web of betrayal.

When she learns the nature of the investigation—and her role as a suspected spy—Lorna goes to dangerous lengths to clear her name and prove to everyone, including herself, she’s worthy of the handsome, tenacious Mitch. With danger around every corner, Lorna is on the run for her life, but refuses to run from the past any longer.

She can find the evidence she needs, but at what cost?

Mitch now knows her secrets and must find her first and convince her she—and their love—are worth fighting for, before it’s too late.

Gosh. I just hate this. I hate not enjoying a book because that means that I have to write what I hope is considered constructive criticism. I just didn't enjoy this book. It wasn't what I expected, in the least and to be honest, I feel a bit let down. 

From the moment I cracked this one open, I had high hopes. I've been reading a lot of romantic suspense lately and I've quickly learned that it may be my new favorite now. Watch out, all of you bodice ripper books ... there's a new favorite in town! Anyhow ... this one didn't work for me. There were a lot of reasons why but just a few that came up repeatedly and those are the ones that I'll cover right now.

The characters were ... okay. They weren't these amazingly well formed people that I won't ever forget. The characters served their purpose in the book and then that was it. I really didn't like or dislike any of them. They were like plain jello. Plain jello isn't bad ... but it really isn't anything at all. Mitch was okay ... I don't know that I could tell you anything about him except the basics and the same goes for Lorna. I literally just had to look at the blurb to even remember her name. That shouldn't happen!! I just finished reading it moments ago! Not remembering the main character's name is a major issue. 

The story itself was interesting in the beginning but then it quickly became forgettable, just like the characters. I found myself skimming paragraphs from about 10% of the way into the novel. I just wanted to get to the exciting parts. I wanted something to happen. Anything, really. Anything that would kick the story into overdrive and become something that I couldn't put down. Unfortunately, that never happened. The last 20% of the book was even worse for me. It absolutely dragged. It's like when you have a toddler and you're trying to pick them up when they don't want to be picked up so they turn into this gelatinous being that somehow went from weighing 40 pounds to weighing 167 in two seconds flat and you don't want to just set them down, you've gone this far and you want to pick the kid up. But that never happens. Kinda like the pace of this book ... it just never picked up. 

The last 50 or 60 pages ... I'm telling you ... I was so close to losing my shit. I've never skipped so many paragraphs and pages just to get to the end of a book. It was definitely not made for me. The ending of the book should have been suspenseful and intriguing but it wasn't. It was just frustrating and irritating because it was dragged out too far. It also verged on weird when you get to the part about the animals being on the same wavelength as this person ... it was weird. If I was running for my life and being chased by some bad dudes, I don't think I would have time to sit and have a cup of tea with a damn deer and talk about how we are in the same spots in our lives or whatever happened in this book. I was far too irritated to care at that point. But I did get to the last page, which is what moved this book up from 1 star to 2. 

That being said ... everyone who has rated this book has given it at least 4 stars. It's sad when I wonder to myself if they received a different version than I did.

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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