Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Book Review: Tainted Deception by Aleya Michelle

Ivy Maisen thinks she knows exactly what type of guy Chase Hudson is — billionaire, extremely good looking, cocky as hell, and a guy that women salivate over...

But looks can be deceiving...

Underneath the tuxedo, luxurious demeanor and smooth character is a bad boy covered in tattoos, piercings, the lead singer in a band, and he owns three of the clubs that Ivy frequents.
Oh and he rides a Harley...

Will Ivy finally open her eyes and allow herself to see the real Chase or will she reject his alter-ego and refuse his advances again and again?
When desire is tainted with deception and lies, does that person become less desirable?

Could love be the one thing powerful enough to push them past the deception and down to the real person underneath the facade?

Before I get into my review, I think that it needs to be said that I had massively high hopes for this book. I was super excited to read it but it was a bit of a disappointment. In a big way. 

I LOVE a good bad boy in a book. They are just so much fun to read. That is not what I got with this one. I think that I'm supposed to like Chase ... I'm pretty sure that was the author's intention but dude. This guy was a douche bag. Could not stand him. I found him scary-possessive and then he would grab Ivy and shit. Hey, some characters are supposed to be like that, right? Every book needs that one a-hole but it shouldn't be the hero of the story. Chase was disrespectful and incredibly self-absorbed. He was also fairly contradictory. This dude would say that he doesn't care about money but then every five seconds, he's talking about how much his clothes cost and about his stupid car. Every sentence just made me hate this dude more. Such a hypocritical jerk. This character completely ruined the book for me. He also made it so that Ivy wasn't even a blip on my radar! I was so irritated that THIS was the leading man in the story that everything else fell by the wayside. Nothing else mattered because this character was an epic failure in my mind. 

There were also these weird things with Ivy and Chase's best friends. Ivy and Chase basically hated their best friends. They would both go on and on about how they didn't like how their bestie was materialistic or a womanizer. If you don't like your best friend, that's freaking weird! Why be friends with someone if you don't like who they are?!? Then again, I'm sure Chase likes who he is and he's an asshole. Maybe it fits. But that doesn't mean it works for the story. 

Maybe it's because I didn't like the characters or something but the conversations these characters would have were stiff and stilted. They weren't realistic or plausible and basically just not something I was looking for in a book. I want the pages to come alive and not play dead.

This was definitely not the book for me. The whole premise of the storyline was intriguing and if the characters hadn't been such asshats, I think that I would have enjoyed the book. Then again, who the heck knows. Definitely not one for me.

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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