Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Book Review: When It Hooks You (The It Series #2) by Nicki Elson

Three dates. It was only supposed to be three dates—he was only meant to be a fling. I didn’t want to feel all of this for him. And I certainly hadn’t counted on him keeping such a deal-breaking secret from me.

Till death is too long for Trish Cerise. The twenty-seven year old receptionist is tired of men asking for her forever when she just wants to keep things light and fun. World-traveling businessman Adam Helms steps off the elevator and into her life with his own reasons for keeping relationships at a safe distance. Together, they’re destined for the most glorious short-term romance in history…until they break their own rules and Trish learns something about Adam she wishes she never knew.

I know a future with him is impossible, but how do you break away from such an intense, consuming, heart-crushing love when it hooks you? ~Trish


I haven't put a book in my DNF pile in a LOOOONG time. Unfortunately, this one is at the top of the pile of those few books. Here's the thing, everyone has books that they don't enjoy. It happens to us bloggers also. But not too often. And usually, even if I don't like a book, I'll still finish it because you never know ... sometimes, just sometimes, a book will redeem itself. This book just didn't have that potential for me. Reading this was almost like nails scratching a chalkboard. That's not a good sign. 
I don't think that it was the writing but it WAS the characters. So I guess it was the writing. Trish was absolutely infuriating. She thought that she was a gift to mankind and let me tell you ... she most certainly was NOT. She was annoying and irritating and I've never hated a character that I was supposed to love before. You don't go into a book thinking that you'll hate the main heroine. That shouldn't happen. Don't get me wrong ... there are heroines within literature that you're supposed to not like. Trish wasn't one of those. I think that readers are supposed to love her or at least understand her a little bit but negative. Did not happen. 

And then there were the dudes in the story. I couldn't keep track of them at first! Holy crap!! Slow the hell down, woman! There's nothing wrong with dating around but this lady was a serial dater. And a tease. Again, infuriating. See ... I was talking about the abundance of dudes and I was brought back to Trish again. Damn. I hated her character. And honestly, I don't really care about any of the other characters either. Her besties are non-entities basically, they just take up space and I couldn't tell you one thing about any of them and the same goes with the dudes. Thank goodness I'm not being quizzed on them because I would totally fail.

I don't know if this is how all of Elson's characters are written but I'm okay with never finding out. I will not be reading another book by her. She's just not the author for me. But she is for some other readers. Sometimes you just don't click. And we didn't click. No where near clicking. 

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

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