Thursday, December 29, 2016

Book Review: Wrecking Ball (Hard To Love #1) by P. Dangelico

Cam DeSantis’ life is a hot, steaming pile. How else would you describe losing your husband, your job, and your money all at once? Desperate times call for desperate measures, so when salvation comes in the form of one intolerable a-hole, who just happens to be the starting quarterback for the vaunted NY Titans, she has no choice but to accept his offer as a live-in nanny slash teacher for his eight year old nephew. Now all she has to do is find a safe place in her mind to hide whenever she feels the need to throat punch him into tomorrow…which is often.

Calvin Shaw has zero interest in women. Wait, wait––let me rephrase that. He loves women, he just doesn’t want anything to do with ‘um. Not since his wife, presently ex-wife, got knocked up by the guy she was cheating on him with. Problem is...there’s one living in his house. And he doesn’t know what’s worse, that he promised to be civil, or that he’s attracted to her.


To say that I absolutely adored this book would be a gross understatement. Kinda like me saying that I "hardly ever" wait until my kids go to bed and then break out the good snacks and go eat them in the car in shame. Yeah. So I more than adored this book. I loved every stinking period and comma on these damn pages. 

I was NOT expecting it to be so funny!! It was hilarious in parts and then gut-wrenching in others and it was an amazing mix of both of these in between. I immediately connected with the main character, Cam. Cam is my spirit animal. I hope to be like her when I grow up. She's sassy and spunky and just a tad bit crazy. I thought that her relationship with the leading man, Calvin was adorable. Holy shit, he was an amazingly huge asshole when these two first met and I was kind of waiting for her to set him on fire, if I'm being completely honest. I would seriously debate doing that myself if Calvin had talked about me the way he did about Cam. That man is lucky he's fictional. 

The story moved along at a great little clip, never pausing to let the reader get bored or tired of anything. My attention is sometimes hard to keep but not this time. I was totally entertained the entire time I was reading this book. Not that I was reading for that long ... I sped through this book and then wanted to smack myself for blowing through it and not taking my time because before I knew it, it was over and I had to move on to the next novel. 

This is an author that I will ALWAYS follow. I really hope that the rest of the series is this funny and romantic and sweet and infuriating. My emotions were really all over the place with Wrecking Ball and I wouldn't have it any other way. Such a great book and so much more than the blurb leads you to believe. I hope I forget about it so I can experience this one all over again. 

* I received this novel in exchange for an honest review *

Available: January 19th, 2017

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