Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review: The Troop

Boy Scouts live by the motto “Be Prepared.” However, nothing can prepare this group of young boys and their scoutmaster for what they encounter on a small, deserted island, as they settle down for a weekend of campfires, merit badges, and survival lessons.

Everything changes when a haggard stranger in tattered clothing appears out of nowhere and collapses on the campers’ doorstep. Before the night is through, this stranger will end up infecting one of the troop’s own with a bioengineered horror that’s straight out of their worst nightmares. Now stranded on the island with no communication to the outside world, the troop learns to battle much more than the elements, as they are pitted against something nature never intended…and eventually each other.

Rating & Review

I've tried reading this book numerous times over the past six months, give or take a few weeks. I've tried. Tried and tried. I just couldn't get into it. It was to the point where I refused to let myself pick up another book until I finished this one and I was okay with just not reading anything. Now, it's just not common for me not to have a book or my Kindle in my hands 90% of the day. I'm always reading. Well, until I punished myself for not reading The Troop ... that was a long 4 days. Even after all of that, I still just can't get into this book. 

From the very beginning, the style of writing just failed to speak to me. It felt weird and forced and just not ... not something that I could find myself getting lost in. It was almost painful for me and I don't mean to sound harsh or mean ... I've loved quite a few books that other people just didn't get and I've disliked books that the masses have adored (TFIOS). This is just the way that it is sometimes. It was just that time ... the shit or get off the pot time. I had to write a review. 

Okay, so I like horror stories. Are they my favorite? No. But I really enjoy them sometimes. I've read my fair share of Stephen King novels and loved them ... the same with some Koontz novels. But this one ... ugh. I wish that I had a concrete reason as to why I didn't like it. The writing was weird to me and the flow of the story was just not my thing. All that being said, I didn't finish the novel. I HATE saying that. There are only a handful of novels that I've not actually finished because I insist on pushing through because you never know ... you might really enjoy a story after you get over that initial hill or the boring book plateau. 

Sorry, it's just not for me but that might not be the case for you! You may love it and then you can tell me I'm wrong!

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