Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review: The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood

One fateful summer morning in 1986, two 11-year-old girls meet for the first time and by the end of the day are charged with murder.

Twenty-five years later, journalist Kirsty Lindsay is reporting on a series of attacks on young female tourists in a seaside town when her investigation leads her to interview funfair cleaner Amber Gordon. For Kirsty and Amber, it's the first time they've seen each other since that dark day when they were just children. But with new lives – and families – to protect, will they really be able to keep their secret hidden?

Oh, where to start. This one just didn't do it for me. At all. To be honest, I couldn't find one thing that I liked about the novel except the first part when the lost and found stuff was getting divided up at Funnland. That was really it. 

I didn't find any kind of connection with any of the characters. I don't even really know if I could tell you one trait each of them has ... the characters didn't seem deep or realistic at all. And that was when I could keep the characters straight. I found it to be a little confusing because I didn't know much about anyone, so they all just seemed to meld together into one big, confusing mess. With every page that went by, I kept thinking that I would eventually feel ... something ... for any of the characters and I just didn't. I couldn't care less about what was happening. 

Now, I enjoy a good mystery. Especially the ones that refer back to something that happened years ago ... which is why I was so interested in this novel to begin with. But again, I was let down. It was a crash and burn type of situation for me. With the blurb, you're led to believe that there is some heinous crime that these two girls committed. And this is a bit of a spoiler but it wasn't some heinous crime. It just wasn't. The ending was not that great either. It's not that a book has to end a certain way in order for me to like it ... I've read tons of books that ended in this piss poor way and I respected the novel even more for that kind of ending ... (Divergent). But I just couldn't respect the novel more. I ended up resenting it. 

Basically, the whole novel was just ... meh. That's it. Meh. I don't believe I'll be picking up another novel by this author again.  

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