Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review: Trapped (Private Justice #2) by Irene Hannon


When librarian Laura Griffin's sixteen-year-old sister disappears on a frigid February day, leaving only a brief note behind, Laura resolves to do whatever it takes to track down the runaway teen. That includes recruiting ATF agent turned PI James "Dev" Devlin to help. But the deeper he digs, the more he begins to suspect that something sinister is at work in the girl's disappearance. And the closer he gets to uncovering the truth, the clearer it becomes that the situation isn't just dangerous--it's deadly.
Chilling and at times terrifying, "Trapped" is the latest thrilling read from Irene Hannon, the queen of romantic suspense. Hannon outdoes herself with this fast-paced tale of fear, deception, and just the right dose of romance.

This is the first novel that I've read by Irene Hannon and honestly, I received this book a long time ago. Somehow it just fell through the cracks in my TBR list. All in all, it was a great novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. I will definitely pick up another novel by her ... if my huge issue with this book is resolved!! More on that a bit later ...

Now, this is the second book in a series and while I usually don't start a series in the middle because you never know if there is pertinent information that you might have missed by not reading the prior books, I'm glad that I didn't shy away from it. I don't think that I missed anything pertaining to this story by not reading the previous novel. It really could be a stand alone, I believe. So if you're interested in this one and you haven't read the first one, go ahead. It's good and you won't be disappointed.

I really enjoyed the character development. I was able to get to know Laura and Dev quite easily and become attached to them really fast. The way that Hannon wrote Laura, I really felt for her in her current situation. I was able to kind of coast along on her emotional roller-coaster as if she was a friend of mine. Same with Dev. I loved both of these main characters and I enjoyed all of the secondary characters as well.

There was a real sense of fulfillment when I finished this novel. I didn't have any questions unanswered or sense anything was left unfinished. Like I said, all in all, it was a great novel.

But. BUUUUUT. As my grandfather would say, this really chapped my ass. The copy I received did not say that it was an ARC. If you aren't familiar with the term ARC, it means Advanced Reader Copy ... basically it means that there will be some editing issues, either grammar or otherwise, within the novel but that the publishing house wanted to get these complimentary copies out as quickly as possible to get reviews all set up before the novel actually drops. Anyway, reading an ARC doesn't bother me - I know that I'm in store for some editing issues and I'm okay with that. But when this novel didn't say that it was an ARC and EVERY SINGLE word that has "ff" or "ffi" missing ... this is a problem. A big problem. Because it pulls you away from the story every time you have to decipher what these words are: oense, oce, o-limits, o, puy, muns, oers, o-the-cu. In case you couldn't figure it out, those words are offense, office, off-limits, off, puffy, muffins, offers, off-the-cuff ... and that was just a few!! It was all over the book and on every single freaking page. To be honest, I wanted to give the book even lower ratings because of this but I just couldn't because the story line was so great. I'm betting that there are some people who just wouldn't read the damn thing after the 785th spelling issue. I don't know what donkey messed up and had all of the ff's and ffi's deleted but I would really like to poke them in the eye.

Now that I'm done with my long rant, this was really a good book. I'm hoping that the above F-issue was resolved for final e-book copy that is everywhere. Because if it isn't, I'm grabbing a torch and I'm going to storm the publishing company castle.

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