Friday, November 7, 2014

Review: Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

Dr. Emory Charbonneau, a pediatrician and marathon runner, disappears on a mountain road in North Carolina. By the time her husband Jeff, miffed over a recent argument, reports her missing, the trail has grown cold. Literally. Fog and ice encapsulate the mountainous wilderness and paralyze the search for her.

While police suspect Jeff of "instant divorce," Emory, suffering from an unexplained head injury, regains consciousness and finds herself the captive of a man whose violent past is so dark that he won't even tell her his name. She's determined to escape him, and willing to take any risks necessary to survive.

Unexpectedly, however, the two have a dangerous encounter with people who adhere to a code of justice all their own. At the center of the dispute is a desperate young woman whom Emory can't turn her back on, even if it means breaking the law.

As her husband's deception is revealed, and the FBI closes in on her captor, Emory begins to wonder if the man with no name is, in fact, her rescuer.

Hands down, THE best Sandra Brown book, ever. Yeah, yeah ... I know that I said that last time but this time, I am totally serious. It's better. It's beyond better. To be honest, I was a little surprised with how much I loved this one because I'm a gigantic Sandra Brown fan and just when I think that her writing can't get any better, she shows me how little I know. 

First starting Mean Streak, my expectations were super high. But then again, how could they not be with my views on her other books. But then she throws this curve-ball ... oh, yeah. She withheld one of the main character's names for close to 300 pages!!! Dude. I just wanted to start flipping through the pages trying to find out this dude's name. It was pure torture. But that really made the suspense spike to all new levels for me. With each passing page, I was flabbergasted that Brown kept doing it, just not telling me what his damn name was. I just had to know. Gosh, I could go on and on about this but I don't want to give away any surprises. Well, any more than I've already given. 

As always, the characters were a mixture of endearing, hideous, repugnant, strong and about a million other adjectives. I never have any problem connecting to her characters, they are always so realistic and tangible that you can't help but find common ground with most of them. 

The rest of the book was just ... amazing. Fabulous. Supercalafragilistic-awesome. That's what it was. There was just one shocking detail after another in Mean Streak. Just when I thought I had something figured out, Brown would through this huge Godzilla sized monkey wrench into the whole thing and throw me totally off. And I'm not talking small little plot twists, I'm talking about hurricane type plot twists that just spin you around and drop you on your ass. If you enjoy romantic suspense, you can't go wrong with this one. I'll be re-reading this one more than once. And probably soon. I just adored it!! 

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