Wednesday, June 26, 2013

** Lauren Oliver's YA novel picked up by Universal **

There is some big news that was announced last week ... a book that Lauren Oliver (the author of the Delirium trilogy) is writing has been picked up by Universal studios for the film rights. The book isn't even published yet and apparently, there was a major bidding war for the film rights on this book! The bidding war ended well for Lauren Oliver because sources say that it was a seven figure deal. 

The book is called Panic and unfortunately, it will not be out until March 4th of 2014. Since the book isn't out yet, you can bet that the movie won't come out until after the book is on the shelves.

You'll need to keep a watch out for the book/Nook/Kindle pre-ordering on this one ... it's not yet open but that could change in the next couple of months, so keep it in mind!

So far, it looks like Panic will be a stand-alone novel ... but we all know how that can change!

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